Assam is situated in between the foothills of Himalayas to the north and the hills and plateau of Meghalaya to the south. It is an attractive state with miles of smooth, flat roads coursing through jungle and vibrant villages. One of India's few oil regions (Digboi), Assam also produces more than half of the nation's tea. The British, with one golf club for every fifteen estates to relieve the tea planters' boredom and loneliness, laid down most of its eight hundred tea estates. Today Assam is recognised as one of the major tourist destinations in North East India. 

Pilgrimage Tourism in Assam 

This state is a pilgrim's paradise. On one hand it is gifted with Brahmaputra River' bounty and on the other hand there are several temples and religious places that attract pilgrims from all over the continent. One of the foremost temples in Assam is the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati. Besides this, there are a host of Hindu temples situated in this hilly region. Local transportation in the form of buses and hired cars are available to reach the places of worship. Most of the temples are located on hill top. So apart from the spiritual significance, these temples, generally, are famed for the pictorial beauty too. 

Nature Tourism in Assam

The presence of Brahmaputra has blessed the state with a favourable flora and fauna. As a result, a number of wildlife parks and sanctuaries thrive in Assam. For nature lovers, thus, it will be an ideal destination to further explore the nature's gifts.Eco tourism is also taken care of. Kaziranga National Park is one of the premier wildlife sanctuaries in Assam. Elephants, lions, rhinoceros, migratory birds and a host of wild species are to be found here. Assam is one of those few places still surviving on the face of the earth where there is a harmonious existence of man and animal. The ashram of the Indian Sage, Vashishta is also a famous place in spending the time in solitude.

Leisure Tourism in Assam 

Plaited by mountains and rivulets Assam is truly a place to spend the leisurely hours. In between, these relaxed hours the travellers can drop in at the important places of interest to know grasp in more about the history and culture of this north-eastern Indian state. Guwahati, Tezpur, Majuli Island, Sibsagar, Dibrugarh, Silchar and others are the popular tourist spots in Assam. Adventure sports are an integral part of Assam tourism. 

Trekking, motorcycle tours and Brahmaputra River cruise are some outdoor activities with which the travellers can indulge themselves. The State Government is taking all kinds of measures to popularize the adventure sports in Assam. Annual competitions are organised to attract more and more people to the state from both within the country and abroad. 

The largest tribe in Assam is Bodo Tribe, Assam. They are one of the earlier settlers in Assam. Besides them, the travellers will also encounter tribes, such as, Mishing Tribes, Nishi, Dimasa Tribes, Phake, Karbi Tribes and others. Overall, there are 12 tribes in Assam. Each group has its separate set of traditions, cuisine, dress, literature and social set up. As travellers, it could be quite engrossing to know more about their lifestyles. Here the tourists can also try out the tribal cuisines.

Small hamlets tucked away between the hills are a common sight in Assam. The tea plantations are established around the villages. The steep plantations add beauty to the adjacent villages. Several villages had grown around the tea plantations as the people of these villages mostly work in these plantations. 

Special Tour Places in Assam