Manipur is a captivating state lying in the northeastern state. It is hailed as the land of Manipuri Dance, Phug Cholom and rich culture. The state of Manipur is protected by hills and mountains. The bracing climate lures travelers from all over the world to this part of India. The state of Manipur is one of the seven northeastern states in India. The places of tourist attraction in Manipur are the religious centers, the beautiful lakes, national parks, monuments and scenic hill station.

Pilgrimage Tourism in Manipur 

Temples in Manipur are remarkable pilgrimage sites which makes the trip to this state more captivating. Almost all the temples of Manipur are created on Brahmanical rules of Vastu Shastra and have the Mandapas. The architectural style of the temples in Manipur resembles the Bengal temple architecture. The Vishnu temple of Bishanpur town in Manipur is the oldest temple of the state. This temple is a significant religious structure of Manipur and is an important pilgrimage site. The temple is a eminent pilgrimage sight of the Hindus. Shri Govindaji temple in Manipur is one of the most visited religious centers of the state. It is a popular Hindu temple and the deities worshipped here are the Hindu gods, Radha and Krishna Govinda. Located in an easily accessible place in the capital of the state, Imphal, the temple is visited by large numbers of pilgrims every year. The tourists also have a high regard for the temple structure. Built of red bricks, the temple features a rectangular medieval style of architecture. 

Nature Tourism in Manipur

The Keibul Lamjao National Park is one of its major tourist attractions. Located near the capital city of Imphal, this is a must visit tourist spot of Manipur. The sight of rare animals and birds is a delight for the nature lovers. Spread over forty square kilometers of wetland, the Keibul Lamjao National Park is debatably the world's only floating sanctuary. Apart from the foliage and topography the park consists of the Loktak Lake, which is the biggest freshwater lake in India. The star appeal, of the park is the browantlered deer. This is a breed of the Thamin deer. Because of its fragile way of walking it is also affectionately called Manipur's dancing deer. Other species of deer seen here comprise the hog deer, sambar and muntjac. 

Various birds such as the Waterfowl, the Hooded Crane, the Black Eagle and the Shaheen Falcon are found here . The major fresh water lake of Manipur is the Loktak Lake which is also well known by the name of 'Floating Lake' as it one of the exceptional lakes in the world which have the Phundies or floating islands on it. Tourists visiting the lake can also go for the nearby attraction which is the ancient temple of the pre-Hindu deity, Lord Thangjing, located in the Moirang. The Zoological gardens in Manipur is a prime attraction of the place. Flocks of vacationers stopover in the Zoological Gardens to see the diverse species of animals and birds that are kept there. The Zoological Gardens in Manipur is a well-maintained garden that is located at a distance of about six kilometers from Imphal in Manipur in India. A trip to the Zoological Gardens is actually a pleasant expedition for family and friends. The Khonghampat Orchidarium in Manipur is a nature lover's delight. The comforting fragrance of the flowers and wide-ranging colours refreshes the mind and spirit of the tourists. More than hundred and ten varieties of orchids, including quite a few rare species, are grown here.

Leisure Tourism in Manipur  

The Shahid minar in Manipur is a must see tourist location. The monument is an emblem of the bravery of the valiant soldiers who laid down their lives for their nation. The war cemetery in Manipur is also a popular destination. This place is toured by large numbers of visitors every year. The Manipur War Cemetery is an emblematic memorial raise as a reference for the supreme human sacrifices made by the officers and men of the associated forces during the Second World War. Ukhrul is the highest hill station of the state of Manipur. Siroi hills and Khang Khui lime caves are striking excursion destinations in this place. The Khayang peak is the s the highest peak of the region and the tourists from here can have exquisite views around the place. The Khangkhui Cave is an outstanding natural lime stone cave in Ukhrul and is a popular visiting site for the tourists. Langthabal in Manipur is a small hill situated about eight kilometers from Imphal. The place houses an old significant palace and efficiently planned temples. The different structures found here are marvelously placed between pine and jackfruit trees. Langthabal offers an impressive sight of the well-known Manipur University. This picturesque place is a must see location of Manipur. The Manipur State Museum focuses on tribal costumes, jewellery and weapons along with geological, archeological and natural history displays. A visit to this museum will give the visitors an idea of the culture and heritage of the people of Manipur. 

Visiting information on Manipur 

How to Reach Manipur 

Air: The airport at Imphal has flights to different and prominent cities of India, such as, Delhi, Kolkata, Silchar, Aizwal and others. 

Rail: There are no direct rail services to Manipur or Imphal. But the travelers can reach till Guwahati by rail and then take the roadways. 

Road: NH 39 is the connecting thread between Manipur and other Northeastern cities, such as, Guwahati, Silchar and others. 

At the heart of Imphal, along Kangchup Road, the fascinating daily market of Khwairamband - also known as Nupi Keithel and Ima Bazaar - is run by more than 3000 Meithei women. It is the largest market of its kind in Asia. One section is devoted to textiles - shawls and fabrics including the moirangphee, the traditional Meithei dress. This striped skirt comes in two pieces, which for a small fee will be stitched together on the spot with amazing speed. Across the road, the other section of the market sells local fish, vegetables, and other provisions. Smaller markets nearby sell handicrafts, including cane products and wicker. There are a few fixed-price shops around, including Eastern Handloom and Handicrafts, at GM Hall, near the clock tower, and the Handloom House in Paona Bazaar. Being a hill station the state of Manipur is suitable to visit in any month of the year. However, it is advisable to avoid the state during monsoons because there will be huge downpours. But again it is a completely different experience to enjoy rain in hill stations. There are tourism offices to help the tourists out. Accommodation units are also available in this part of India. Manipur is expected to be oriental and full of surprise. It is often referred to as the land where the Gods took to dancing. 

Special Tour Places in Manipur