The enchanting state of Nagaland is dotted with picturesque sceneries and lush green fields and is indeed a traveller’s delight. Nagaland is one of the seven sisters' states of North Eastern India. The virgin terrains of the state are breathtakingly enthralling. A home to as many as sixteen tribes, the state has much to discover. The capital of Nagaland is Kohima and the largest city of the state is Dimapur. In this beautiful state people of almost 20 different dialects dwell happily together. Kohima is the home to the beautiful rocky Naga Hills. It has one of the most magnificent panoramic views. The travelers should make it a point to visit this capital city. Nagaland is a paradise for the lovers of nature. The adventurous land of Nagaland offers plentiful trekking opportunities. 

Pilgrimage Tourism in Nagaland

With the promising number of cathedral and churches pilgrimage tours in Nagaland has a great value. The Catholic Cathedral in Kohimais a landmark of the place. It is said to be one of the biggest Cathedrals in the whole north east India. It also possesses the biggest cross in India carved out of wood. The roofs of it are coloured red and it is situated at Aradura hill. On the UN's day of Reconciliation, this Cathedral was inaugurated. This is one of the most peaceful places where prayer and worship can be performed in tranquility. This is a must visit place of Nagaland, which is a combination of aboriginal architecture. 

Nature Tourism in Nagaland 

If one wishes to enjoy the natural glory of Nagaland he or she should visit Dzulekie, an exquisite place adjacent to Kohima. Here, the domesticated bisons roam freely in pastoral ambience. The green hills surrounding the area and the little waterfalls present a fully packaged natural beauty. Another natural glory here is the 'Triple Falls' located in Seithekima village area near Dimapur. This fall is pouring from a height of 280 feet into an inviting natural pool. Zoological park of Nagaland is another interesting place to visit. The glimpses of the fauna of Nagaland can be seen here. One can see the rare Blythe's Tragopan in this zoological park of Nagaland, which is in the verge of extinction. The beautiful and rare species of orchids can also be seen here. Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary is another place to visit in Nagaland. It is situated just thirty seven kilometers away from Dimapur. Various animals and rare species of birds can be seen inhabiting here. An exotic Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary is home to Hoolock Gibbon, the only Gibbon found in India; other wildlife includes Elephant, Barking Deer, Flying Squirrel,

Mithun, Sambar, Wild Dog, Tiger, and Sloth Bear. Among Birds are Kaleej and common pheasant, Hornbill and Black Stor. There are two other sanctuaries in Nagaland, which can be ventured by the tourists. One of them is the Fakim sanctuary, near the Myanmar border and famous for tigers and Hoolock gibbons. The other is the Pulie Bazde sanctuary, which is situated near Kohima. This sanctuary is a nature lover’s delight because it if rich in wildlife. The sanctuary is situated in a attractive spot surrounded by green hills and streams. The sanctuary is well-known for the wide diversity of birds. Tragopan Blythii and White-naped Yuhina are among the exceptional variety of birds which can be perceived here. 

Leisure Tourism in Nagaland 

With a series of natural wonder Nagaland is one of the best places to experience the wonder of leisure tourism. Kohima war cemetery of Nagaland is a place where one can go with friends and family and enjoy an introspective leisurely walk. This is an emblematic memorial. It was built in the memory of those officers and men of the allied forces who sacrificed their lives to stop the Japanese attack during the Second World War. This was said to be their last post. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has maintained this cemetery very carefully and nicely. The state museum of Kohima in Nagaland is another must visit place for the tourists. One can see the historical artifacts, log drums, tools and implements, old Naga currencies, attire of warriors, dresses as well as costumes, which are preserved here very carefully. Here, one can also see the collection of rare artifacts of the colourful tribes in close quarters. Ruzaphema is one more ideal place for leisure and recreation. Its bazaars are very colourful for the wide range of beautiful tribal handicrafts. 

Adventure Tourism in Nagaland 

Surrounded by rivulets and laced by the peaks and mountains Nagaland is the most sought after destination to experience adventure tourism. Japfu peak is a peak of Nagaland, which is situated at 3048 meters above sea level. One can reach there by trekking. It is very tiresome to reach the place but if one can once reach there, the natural scenery from here is very thrilling. It is an ideal haunt for adventure lovers and trekkers. From the top of the peak, one can get magnificent vista of the sunrise and sunset and the panoramic view of the hills below. It is perfectly suited for trekking and scaling from the months of November to March when visibility is at its best. The total area is covered by mist during the break of dawn, which glorifies more this mystic beauty. Dzukou Valley is another interesting place surrounded by hills, natural caves and rocks. This valley is situated at 2438 meters above the sea level and is perfect for camping. The entire valley gets bloomed with a carpet of wild flowers during the month of June to September. The Dzukou Valley is one of the most idyllic places for harmony and nature lovers. This is one of the best trekking spots in the North-Eastern Region. A few tourist rest houses are constructed for trekkers. 

Village Tourism in Nagaland 

One must visit the Khonoma to see the village lifestyle of the people of Nagaland. This village has historical importance and its ecological propriety is also very rich. One can hear various fascinating stories of folklore here from the villagers. The Kohima village of Nagaland is considered one of the largest in Asia and the visitors of the village are greeted by a large gate at the entrance. In the Kohima village of Nagaland, the stones of different sizes and shapes can be seen, which are implanted within the compound or skulls of buffaloes and mithuns adorning the portico. From this, the glory of the great ancestors of them can be imagined.  

Tribal Tourism in Nagaland 

The tribal villages situated on the hilltops tell about the legendary tales of the brave Naga tribes who were fierce headhunters in the olden days. The tour of the beautiful Dzakou Valley, Touphema village, Wokha, Phek, Zunheloto, Mon and Twensang can give an idea about the tribals living here. Here, one can also see the attractive tribal crafts of Nagaland. The items made by these Naga people with bamboo and forest wood are very gorgeous. The works of the tribal potteries here are also noteworthy. The Zeliang dance performances here are very talented musicians, who perform with folk instruments such as Petu, Theku, flutes and trumpets. The war dances performed by the Naga tribes are very enthralling.  

Visiting Information on Nagaland 

How to Reach Nagaland 

By Air: The nearest airport of Nagaland is situated in Dimapur. This airport is linked with other states of the country by major airlines. One can go to Nagaland from the cities like Guwahati and Kolkata as well. The major places in the state can be accessed from Dimapur. 

By Rail: The rail service is also available to reach Nagaland. The nearest railway station is in Dimapur, which is 74 km away from Kohima, the capital of the state. This railway station is connected with the Guwahati railway station. 

By Road: Nagaland is well connected via road with the neighbouring states like Assam, Meghalaya etc. The capital of the state Kohima can be reached via road from Guwahati and Shillong. Few other cities of Nagaland are also well connected to Kohima by road. Deluxe buses are available from Guwahati and Shillong to reach Nagaland. The capital is also linked to Imphal, situated at 145 km by road. 

The Naga people of this state have a rich tradition of preparing their own cloth, their won hats and raincoats, cooking vessels, medicines and the substitutes for crockery. The Diezephe Craft village is good destination for buying the handicrafts prepared by the Naga people. Tseminyu and Ungma village are well known places for pottery by aluminum and steel vessels. The baskets prepared by the canes and bamboo can be availed from all the markets of Nagaland. Headgears and furnitures made of bamboo are also available in most of the market places of the state. The Naga women prepare beautiful and colourful shawls, bags and jackets and these can be bought at a cheap rate from here. 


Nagaland has a very pleasant climate from the month of October to March. The rainfall here can be enjoyed on such a visit. Here, the foreign visitors need a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to visit the state. This permit remains valid for 10 days, which is granted to foreign tourists traveling in a group of four or more persons. An Inner Line Permit (ILP) is required by the Indian tourists to visit the home of Nagas. The Permit can be acquired from deputy resident commissioner of Nagaland, Nagaland house, New Delhi/Kolkata or additional deputy commissioner at Dimapur. During summer season, the temperature here ranges from maximum 31 degree to minimum 16 degree centigrade. In the winter season, the temperature ranges from maximum 24 to 4 degree centigrade. The climate here is very pleasant with heavy rainfall during the months from June to September. The department of tourism provides various tourist lodges. One can book these lodges by giving advance 25% of the rent for accommodation in Cash or by Money Order. Usually, this advance is not refundable but in case someone is unable to occupy the accommodation or shortens staying, the advance may be refunded or adjusted against the rent payable for the actual period of staying under certain circumstances. The visitors can also avail trekking and camping equipments on loan on nominal payment. 

Nagaland is a beautiful place full with natural bounty. It is a very decent place to have a family holiday. One can afford it very easily as it is not a very costly place. Moreover, the beautiful handicrafts of the state can be purchased at a reasonable cost. So, it will be worth to spend every single penny here.

Special Tour Places in Nagaland